Increase profitability by optimising productivity and reducing waste.

No matter what type of operation you manage, your primary goal is profitability. You have to keep your plant running efficiently, keep waste to a minimum, reduce energy costs, contain material, prevent dust and more. As a plant manager, you are held accountable for moving as much product through the process as you can – as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible – while managing your costs.

In most industrial operations, there is a wide range of problems that can eat away at profits. Whether it's the premature failure of a belt, motor or other equipment due to dust or material spillage, or the erosion of productivity due to plugged chutes, spillage or carryback, the result is decreased profits.

Unsafe conditions are another drag on profits. Lost-time injuries (LTI), regulatory agency fines, insurance costs and potential legal liabilities are to be avoided.

If you're experiencing unscheduled downtime or a need to lower your energy or housekeeping costs, talk to one of our experts. We're standing by ready to listen to you as you describe your operation and then offer recommendations on how you can boost your bottom line. Our team is available to provide expert advice and assistance on all of your bulk material handling questions and problems.

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Conveyor Belt Inspection Identifies Carryback And Belt Wandering
The plant handles 1,000,000 tons of PRB coal per year and was experiencing carryback and belt wander on the rail unloading belt feeders. The carryback was reducing efficiency and profitability and increasing maintenance and cleanup expenses. Unsafe working conditions were a concern due to material accumulation on floors and walkways, creating slip/trip hazards along with fire hazards.
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Paper Plant Having Trouble With Fugitive Material
The release of airborne dust can cause health concerns and create negative attention from regulatory agencies. Any material that spills off the conveyor is a loss - loss in material, profit and efficiency. The spillage also creates the need for manual cleanup which takes man-hours and is a dangerous task - putting workers in harm's way.
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Transfer Point Redesign Reduces Spillage And Dust
Handling 20,000 tons of crushed rock per month put the client at huge risk for material and profit loss. The plant estimated they were losing several thousands of dollars in labor expenses every week! Cleanup was not only an expensive maintenance task but also a dangerous one. Airborne dust can garner negative attention from regulatory agencies and lead to fines.
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