Efficiency: The “fertilizer” that helps your profits take root and grow!

The worldwide demand for fertiliser rises and dips depending on a complex set of factors. Driven by agriculture, it’s an industry that shifts frequently with global economic trends, currency values, energy costs and even weather patterns. Overall, demand is projected to be strong in the near term due to a strengthening world economy and growing populations, as well as some crops, such as corn, being used as a source of energy.

At the same time, however, global competition is also strong with the United States, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia and Belarus among the largest exporters in the world. Because fertiliser production is a strong yet competitive business, finding an edge and maintaining profitability means you have to keep up with fast-paced demand while minimising costs. That means getting more out of less, also known as “efficiency.” 

Fertiliser manufacturing is a complex operation, mainly because the three primary ingredients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potash – are processed so differently. Eventually, however, all three are processed into a granular form and moved by conveyor belts through a process that applies the coatings, mixes the product and packages it for shipping. When material spills from the conveyor belt, sticks to the belt past the head pulley or generates hazardous fugitive dust, operations have to be stopped for expensive unscheduled cleanup and maintenance

Solving problems and improving efficiency is our mission!

At Martin Engineering, we design and manufacture durable conveyor belt equipment for manufacturing customers around the world. We have extensive experience working with complex conveyor systems including those used at fertiliser plants and providing solutions that make the process more efficient and more profitable. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to solving the kinds of problems that keep fertiliser plant managers awake at night, including belt carryback, spillage, fugitive dust, and accumulations that obstruct flow.

At Martin, we offer the most effective and durable products on the market for cleaning belts at the head pulley and minimising dust problems. We also offer products that make transfer points more efficient and keep material flowing freely through your process with industrial vibrators and air cannons.

If you’re having a tough time keeping material on the belt or preventing obstructions that slow things down, here’s the good news: It’s probably something we’ve already seen, and we’ve already figured out the solution. So pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to hear about your operation, the challenges you’re dealing with and what you’ve already tried to fix the situation. Then, we’ll get to work on providing you with an effective solution.

Increased Productivity
  • Move material more efficiently along conveyor systems and minimize carryback
  • Keep downtime for maintenance and belt cleaning to a minimum
  • Reduce spillage and equipment damage by keeping conveyor belts aligned
Safer Operation
  • Manage airborne dust and minimize the risk of explosion and inhalation
  • Eliminate the need for workers to enter confined spaces
  • Prevent material from spilling off of moving conveyors
More Profit
  • Deliver more product by maximizing your plant’s overall throughput
  • Reduce costs by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption
  • Eliminate excessive downtime for maintenance and housekeeping
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