Easily Replace Nozzles Without Removing Air Cannons and Stop Damaging Your Refractory in the Process!

The SMART™ Series Nozzle and its innovative design make it possible to use air cannons to achieve optimal material flow without all the headaches that typically come with maintaining them.

Re-imagined. Re-engineered. Re-designed.

  • Innovative air cannon positioning - The Y-shaped nozzle assembly allows the air cannon and nozzle to be installed independently, which means the nozzle can be accessed without removing the air cannon.
  • Optimal material flow - The jet nozzle head loosens material over a wide cleaning area, preventing more material from clumping or sticking to interior walls.
  • Cost savings - The nozzle delivers great performance without damaging refractory. Plus, it can be inspected or replaced without shutting down operations.
  • Easy replacement - A permanently installed flange, customized to the nozzle assembly, makes replacement, maintenance and cleaning easy.
  • Retractable design - The 360° nozzle head extends into the material stream when firing, protecting it from repeated abrasions and extreme temperatures.

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