Quicker, easier opening of railcar unloading gates allows you to be safer and more productive.

When the weight of the cargo load on the discharge gate makes opening the gate difficult, Martin Engineering’s railcar openers can force the gate open, minimizing safety risks for workers and improving unloading efficiency. Our railcar openers use compressed air to apply a powerful, steady, non-impacting force that opens even the most stubborn gates without causing damage to the equipment.

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Increased Productivity
  • Open the unloading gate faster and get material moving quicker
  • Empty more cars in a shorter amount of time
  • Requires only one worker to operate in most cases
Safer Operation
  • Protect workers by keeping them out from under the discharge gate
  • Eliminates need to pound on gate with a hammer or mallet to get it open
More Profit
  • Boost revenues by unloading more material faster
  • Reduce labor costs dedicated solely to unloading railcars
  • Low cost of ownership reduces overall costs

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