Install quality Martin® accessories, and improve the performance of your conveyor systems.

Because conveyors are complex systems of multiple moving parts, Martin Engineering offers all the accessories you need to keep your cleaner blades perfectly aligned and performing at the highest possible level. These accessories allow you to fine tune the tension of blades, catch fugitive material scraped from the belt by secondary cleaners, patch worn belt splices and more!

Our team is available to provide expert advice and assistance on these products and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

Increased Productivity
  • Keep belts cleaner by making the blades more efficient
  • Catch fugitive material and return it to the flow stream
  • Install cleaner blades that last longer and need less maintenance
Safer Operation
  • Minimize carryback and fugitive material that creates unsafe conditions
  • Reduce dust by keeping belts cleaner and more efficient
  • Eliminate the need for hazardous maintenance and housekeeping
More Profit
  • Less fugitive material means more throughput and more profit
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime for maintenance and housekeeping
Available Models
Let Us Walk Your Belt and Save!

Save With Our Martin® Walk the Belt™ Service!

Every conveyor is different, even within the same facility! We can provide regularly-scheduled reviews of your bulk material handling system components, involving a specialized crew with the expertise necessary to achieve high operating standards, keeping the conveyor system running at maximum productivity. Immediate data and photos will be available to facility managers and our suggestions will ensure long-term savings and efficiency.

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Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety

Learn to Calculate your Return on Conveyor Safety™ with our compilation of worldwide best practices for safer bulk material handling in this first-ever textbook dedicated exclusively to the safety of conveyor systems.

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If you're having trouble with your belt cleaner, check out our Precleaner Blade Troubleshooting Guide on common issues and how to solve them.
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