Achieve the highest possible performance and efficiency from flow aid products such as air cannons.

In addition to the high-quality flow-aid products available, Martin Engineering manufactures a selection of accessories that make those products more efficient and more effective, including retrofit valves that make air cannons from any manufacturer perform better. Martin also provides electronic control equipment for its flow-aid products, as well as accessories designed to improve worker safety

Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on these products and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

Increased Productivity
  • Improve air cannon performance and eliminate material buildup
  • Optimize air cannons with electronic timing controls
Safer Operation
  • Protect workers from high temperatures
  • Maximize performance and eliminate need for manual interior cleaning
More Profit
  • Optimal performance generates higher throughput and more profit
  • Quality accessory products last longer and require less maintenance
Available Models

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