Keep up with your boiler’s demanding appetite for coal!

When you’re supplying power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, the demand for your product never takes a break. Neither does your boiler’s demand for coal. So your conveyor equipment better be able to keep feeding it without fail. And because a coal-fired power plant can consume thousands of tonnes of coal every day – as well as the limestone used to control emissions – your conveyor systems have to be able to take a constant beating.

With coal, if you don’t have a system in place to contain the material during transport, it gets everywhere. Clouds of coal dust get suspended in the air. Some coal spills off the conveyor belt, especially at the transfer points, and it sticks easily to the walls of chutes, pipes, bins and silos, causing material flow issues. These problems can lead to serious safety and health risks for workers and can damage your equipment over time. Plus, when coal dust becomes suspended in the air, it can eventually accumulate on the floor and on your equipment. Or it can be inhaled by workers and cause health problems or even ignite and cause a deadly explosion.

At Martin Engineering, we have over 70 years of experience working with coal, from the mine to the boiler and practically everything in between. All around the world, you can find coal-fired power plants that have installed our products to make their conveyor belts run better by keeping the belts clean, preventing misalignment and keeping fugitive dust under control.

The bottom line is this: the conveyor systems that move coal from the railcar or barge through the crushers and silos all the way to the boiler are complex pieces of equipment, with lots of moving parts that have to work together with precision. When the belt is even a little out of alignment, especially at the transfer points, fugitive material spills and coal dust starts filling the area. Martin products are engineered to keep your conveyor systems cleaner, safer and more productive.  

The Best Guarantee in the Business = Zero Risk for You!

Since 1944, Martin has been serving the needs of coal-fired power plants, and literally "wrote the book" on global best practices when it comes to moving bulk materials in its Foundations™ series of training and textbooks. Today, we have thousands of customers, many of them power plants, who rely on our products to work hard and keep working for a long time

So, if you’re experiencing too many conveyor equipment failures, too much fugitive dust or the equipment just doesn’t seem to be working the way it should, give us a call. With over 70 years in this business, the problem is most likely something we’ve already dealt with… and solved! Our engineers and technicians are the best in the business and dedicated to helping you improve your business, so contact a Martin representative today.

Increased Plant Productivity
  • Move material more efficiently along conveyor systems and minimize carryback
  • Keep downtime for maintenance and housekeeping to a minimum
  • Reduce spillage and equipment damage by keeping conveyor belts aligned
Safer Plant Operation
  • Manage airborne dust and minimize the risk of explosion and inhalation
  • Eliminate the need for workers to enter confined spaces
  • Prevent material from spilling off of moving conveyors
More Profit
  • Deliver more product by maximizing your mine’s overall throughput
  • Reduce costs by minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption
  • Eliminate excessive downtime for maintenance and cleanup
Our Solutions For Your Biggest Challenges:
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CleanScrape® Cleaner Improves Operations At Coal-Fired Power Plant
A coal-fired power plant was experiencing massive amounts of carryback on the belt conveyor, which runs 24/7. Bottom ash and water requiring constant cleanup, and the wet, abrasive material caused premature component wear and presented a potential hazard of slips and falls. Standard belt cleaners lasted only days, and ceramic-reinforced models delivered just two weeks' service.
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Coal-Fired Power Plant Needed Solution To Conveyor Belt Mistracking
A coal-fired power station was running into problems during the reclaiming and stacking out coal phase. The reclaim belt was consistently encountering tracking problems in both directions. Belt mistracking leads to material spillage, higher likelihood of worker injury, and increased maintenance expenses.
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Air Cannons Knock Down Sticky Coal From Hopper Walls
A power plant was having trouble with coal conditions. The material was wet and slightly sticky, which made it stick to the walls of the hopper, so much so that the material would accumulate and create a blockage in the hopper. Production couldn’t run smoothly, requiring temporary shutdowns so employees could manually knock down the material from the walls of the hopper.
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Coal-Fired Power Plant Applauds MartinPLUS® Services Installation Team
A coal-fired power plant in Iowa was ready to replace their ineffective belt cleaners and cumbersome air tensioning system. Plant officials agreed to test a Martin® QC1™ Cleaner XHD from Martin Engineering. The test installation provided a blade life of approximately one year, and its “one-pin” blade change simplified maintenance.
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Coal Conveying System Plagued By Dust, Spillage and Carryback
A power plant’s coal-handling system starts with a reclaim conveyor under the stockpile and makes its way to the coal gallery. There, twelve conveyors distribute the coal to six different bunkers that feed the plant’s three coal-fired boilers. The plant suffered general dust, spillage and carryback problems throughout the coal conveying system.
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Belt Cleaner And Washbox™ Reduce Carryback By 99%
An innovative Michigan power supplier wanted to reduce surface dust and airborne particles, and reduce cleanup time at its PRB coal operation. Coal at the facility is fed either by rail, with a dumper that inverts the car and empties it directly onto a feeder conveyor, or with front loaders working off stockpiles in the yard. Both methods have the potential to generate dust.
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Air Cannons Dramatically Improve Employee Safety
At this rail-to-barge trans-loading facility, a set of six stacker tubes connected by conveyors allows the stockpiling of coal. Coal would hang up inside the tubes, sticking to the walls, building up inside. To clean coal out of the tubes, the operation used manual labor. A man-lift would be used to raise personnel to the lowest window of a stacker tube, so they could dig out the accumulated coal.
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Belt Cleaners Save Client $100K Per Year
The Springerville Generating Station handles 7 million tons of sub-bituminous coal per year. The coal yard was having problems with dust control, carryback and increasing wash down costs which negatively impacted the plant's production. Plant personnel were able to save more than $100,000 per year through the solution generated by the Martin team.
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Air Cannons Put An End To Manual Clean Out
The plant handles ash and was experiencing material buildup on the sides of the hoppers. This created a safety concern for those employees who had to perform manual cleanup. Employee safety is important to management so they reached out to Martin Engineering to help eliminate buildup and the need for manual clean out.
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Chute Clogging And Spillage Corrected With CleanScrape® Cleaner
A coal-fired power plant was having chute clogging and spillage issues. The existing primary and secondary cleaners allowed uneven discharge of material, which clung to chute walls and caused clogging, requiring periodic downtime for adjustment. The blade edges wore quickly, causing enough carryback and spillage to encapsulate the cleaners.
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