Air Cannons Prevent Buildup on Kiln Walls
Products Used Hurricane Air Cannon , Thermo Safety Shield
Product Types Used Air Cannon Solutions , Air Cannons , Flow Aid Accessories
Industry Mining
Customer Lime Mine in Northeast USA


Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons improve material flow while boosting plant efficiency.

A mine was experiencing build up on the kiln walls, requiring continuous manual cleanup. This presented potential safety hazards for workers and increased man hours and overall expenses.


Martin® Retractable Nozzle extends to fire then retracts to protect exposed tip from extreme heat.

After reviewing the problem, Martin Engineering recommended installing Martin® 150-Liter Hurricane Air Cannons with retractable nozzles as well as Martin® Thermo Safety Shield. The addition of air cannons would prevent the buildup on the preheat kiln walls. The Martin® Retractable Nozzle extends service life in preheat towers and high temperature/high dust applications by pulling the discharge inside the vessel. The Martin® Thermo Safety Shield acts as a safety barrier to allow timely and safe maintenance of air cannon systems. It protects employees from exposure to extreme temperatures so that maintenance can take place safely and production stays on schedule.


Designed for simple maintenance, the complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step, working from one side of the tank.

The plant is pleased with the time, man hours and money they are saving since upgrading to Martin® Hurricane Air Cannons with Martin® Retractable Nozzles. Reducing safety hazards is also a great benefit for the plant and its employees.


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